Your Vehicles A/C Runs Your Cars Defrost in the Winter!

If Your Windows Are Steaming Up, You’ve Got AC Problems

A/C Fact: Your vehicles air conditioning system runs whenever you turn on the Defrost mode. It is designed to engage and act as a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air entering your vehicle to aid in removing moisture (fogging) from your windows. You will notice vehicles with working air conditioningmaxresdefault that the side and back windows are always clear. Vehicles without air conditioning or needing A/C repairs will have steamed up side and back windows which continually need wiping to clear.
If your A/C system is not working 100% at the end of the summer season and you think you will get it fixed next year, do not put it off or you will do damage to your compressor. Remember, when you turn on the Defrost Mode, the compressor is engaged. With a low refrigerant charge over the winter months, you’re not getting the refrigerant oil back to the compressor which is damaging it all winter season that will lead to costly repairs in the spring time.

One of the purposes of air conditioning is to provide dry air. Fog happens when water condenses on the window. In the winter, keep your car’s temperature setting to hot and turn on the air conditioning. You’ll see that defrosting your front windshield is that much faster. The reason is because the air coming out of the vents is dry, so the A/C system is like a dehumidifier.

Another thing to consider is this: your car’s air conditioning system is filled with parts that were meant to move. With our bodies, if we stop moving for a while muscles start aching, we lose circulation, etc. It’s not healthy. The same is true for your car. If you don’t use your air conditioner for a few months, some components (such as the A/C compressor clutch) may become seized.

Your car’s air conditioning system is filled with refrigerant and a small amount of oil. It’s a good idea to get that liquid flowing every now and again, rather than having it sit for long periods as the oil helps keep important air conditioning components lubricated.

Lastly, bacteria and mold tend to build up in a system that is not regularly used. Ever turn on your A/C after not using it for a while and notice a bad odor? Yes, you can guess what you’re smelling. There are in-car air quality services that your repair shop can do to address the smell, but why not just run your A/C every now and again?
This winter, as part of maintenance, use your car’s air conditioning regularly (keep the temperature setting to hot). If not, you may end up with higher repair costs for your air conditioning system.

Sources: Auto Tech Inc and SimpleQ&


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